Bespoke motorsport bearings

SKF 441933E Equivalent Wheel Bearings for the
RS200 and the Metro 6R4 and others

At HB Bearings we continue to manufacture and keep in stock an equivalent bearing for the SKF 441933E wheel bearing which was originally fitted to these cars. This bearing is also found in a number of other vehicles. This is a quality bearing made to the original manufacturers specification. The bearing has been upgraded by HB to include a machined bronze cage and is available ex-stock.

RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing  RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing  RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing

RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing  RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing

Reprint from Historic Racing Technology Magazine feature article

RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing

RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing

HB Bearings, keeping Group B rally cars running.

The MG Metro 6R4 Group B rally car, and the Ford RS200 were both outstanding rally cars of the 1980ís and remaining examples are keenly collected today. As with many historic cars even of this late age, finding replacement parts is becoming increasingly difficult. Wheel bearings are a typical example where existing stocks are drying up or have become obsolete altogether.

Both cars were originally fitted with a SKF bearing reference 449133E. This bearing has long since been out of production and is hard to obtain. However, at HB Bearings a replacement (ref, HB103693) has been available, ex-stock for some time. Whilst the bearings from each of the companies may seem identical when viewed side by side there the similarity ends.

The quality of bearing steel has come a long way since the 70ís when the original bearings were first manufactured and much cleaner steels are employed in the HB version. In addition, the nylon cage has been replaced with a much stronger one piece machined bronze cage. The bearing races benefit from being manufactured on highly accurate Swiss CNC grinding machines.

RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing

With Quality Control inspection on a CNC coordinate measuring machine, each bearing is checked for accuracy when completed. This is just one example of the many types of bearing HB keep in stock for historic cars. Bearings are also stocked for historic motorcycles both British and Japanese. Overview HBís bearings are used at the highest levels of motorsport such as F1, MOTOGP, Touring and WRC. These bearings are designed to deal with high levels of performance and can contain many special features.

An example of this is the special bearing made for Padgetts Racing Teamís 1993 classic Honda. Winner of the 2016 Isle of Man Classic 250cc TT. Bespoke bearing designs can incorporate non-standard sizes, clamping flanges, anti-rotation holes, ceramic rolling elements, and material upgrades. With manufacture in the UK, HB can offer low volumes and short lead times.

RS200/Metro 6R4 wheel bearing

Many Imperial size bearings are available ex-stock. Due to ever increasing interest in classic and historic cars and motorcycle racing, HB also cater for this sector as well.

HB Bearings Motorsport Division are delighted to be able to offer a low volume, high quality, bespoke bearing manufacturing service to keep some of these great historical machines racing.

From the old to the new!

old and new bearings

Pictured above is an example of a replacement bearing manufactured for a customer.

HB Bearings can reverse engineer from samples. We can also manufacture from drawings or a bearing manufacturers name and reference number.

Control Bearings and Torodial Bearings

HB Bearings manufacture Control bearings and also Torodial Bearings. These bearings
are frequently used in suspension joints and other aligning type applications. Most airframe
type control bearing designs and sizes can be manufactured. Special sizes and designs
can also be made. Control bearings and Torodial Bearings are normally supplied with
glass reinforced P.T.F.E. seals. In addition these bearings can be manufactured in either
inch or metric sizes, single roller type or single or double row ball type. The bearings can
be supplied with or without seals and grease can be as specified.

self aligning single row bearing

Self aligning single row bearing components

self aligning single row bearing without shields

Assembled, awaiting shields

assembled self aligning single row bearing                                  cad drawing of flanged double row angular ball bearing

Completed self aligning single row bearing

Double row torque tube bearing                                  Double row torque tube bearing

Double row torque tube bearing

Small double row torque tube bearing                                  Small double row torque tube bearing

Small double row torque tube ball bearing

A wide range of bearing types and functions

Flanged hybrid roller bearing with ceramic rollers and aluminium cage

Picture of flanged hybrid roller bearing

Flanged double row angular contact ball bearing with phenolic cage. Able to take axial load in either direction as well as radial load. Clearance/preload as required

Picture of flanged double row angular contact ball bearing                                 cad drawing of flanged double row angular ball bearing

One piece bronze needle roller cage with retained rollers, non standard sizes

Picture of one piece bronze needle roller cage

Flanged roller bearing with location flat on flange and one piece bronze cage, outer located

Picture of flanged roller bearing with location flange

Ball thrust ball bearing with special locating lugs on the races. One piece ball cage

Ball thrust ball bearing

Flanged duplex ball bearing suitable for taking axial load in either direction. Axial clearance/preload to customers requirements

Flanged duplex ball bearing          cad drawing

Roller bearing with flange in middle of outer race diameter, with locating slot and one piece bronze cage

Roller bearing in Flalge                                     cad drawing

Bronze one-piece linear ball cages, with retained balls to non-standard sizes

bronge one piece linear ball cage

Bronze thin section needle roller thrust cage with retained rollers to non-standard sizes

bronge thin section needla roller thrust cage

Thin section roller bearing with anti-rotation slot in outer, NJ lip arrangement with one piece roller cage

thin section roller bearing with anti rotation slot

Thin section, full compliment deep groove ball bearing with filling slots suitable for radial loading only

thin section full compliment deep groove ball bearing

Flanged double cup to accept two taper roller cones. With oil groove and oil holes

flanged double cup

Roller bearing with external clamping flange and bronze rivited cage

Roller bearing with external clamping flange

Non-standard clutch bearing for motorsport application.
HB Bearings can manufacture these in different sizes to suit your application

Non standard clutch bearing

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