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Comprehensive list of bearing modifications

This is a comprehensive list of bearing modifications we can undertake, but is by no means exhaustive:

Circlip groove and circlip (NR) added
Clearances altered to C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 or special
Oil grooves with oil holes (W33)

Spherical outside diameters (172 type) added
‘V’ grooves added
‘U’ grooves added

Form grooves added
Bores, outside diameters and widths can be altered
Bearings made to location, LOC

Taper bores added
Spacers made to suit taper rollers
Replacement cages manufactured (M. MA. MB.)

Spherical bores added
Anti-rotation holes and slots added
Duplex to N2

Anti-rotation flats added
Locating slots and flats added
Angular contact bearings can be paired, DB DF and Universal, and pre-loaded or clearanced

Radii can be altered
Ceramic balls and rollers can be added
Re-greasing, bearings can be re-greased using a grease specific to your industry

Modifications to roller bearing lip arrangements, NJ to NU, NJ to NUP, NF to N, NF to NP,
            NU TO NJP, NU TO NUP, NUP TO NJ, NU TO NJ, N TO NF etc.
New extended inner races made - (NUB & NUBX)
Keyways added
Standard ball bearings can be made to maximum capacity types and sometimes to full compliment.

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